About Us

Welcome to the Quilter's Crossing!!

I am Tiawna and my husband is G.B and we love all things crafting. I was a consultant for Close to My Heart (scrapbooking) for over 20 years. And over the last few years I’ve shifted to sewing, quilting and embroidery. I was starting to make more quilts than I could gift away.

We opened our shop in May of 2019 to be able to buy wholesale fabric and sell our quilt creations. Once the Covid-19 pandemic hit, we were able to more than quadruple our inventory in a year. We moved our business from my sewing room into our basement family room which we call "The Shop." Ironically, we became too busy to even find time for our sewing and embroidery hobby. But we love our customers and the time we spend with our business.

We have 6 children, 2 sons in-law, 1 daughter in-law, 6 grandchildren (0-6), and 1 dog named Gadget. We enjoy spending time with our family, especially the grandkids. We both work outside of The Quilter's Crossing. And lately we’ve been working on home improvements.

We hired our first employee at the beginning of 2021. Our oldest daughter, Whytnee, helps nearly every day with order fulfillment and inventory management.